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UnculturedMutt's News

Posted by UnculturedMutt - 3 days ago

After looking at my work, as well as watching Brandon James Greer, I realised that I needed to tweak my designs for the 4514 logo and 4514 themself.

Would you rather I show it on a post, on the art portal or just keep it to show later on in my creepypasta? I'll post the logo either way.


Posted by UnculturedMutt - 11 days ago

I've been working on a project.


I hope you'll check it out this Sunday


Posted by UnculturedMutt - 1 month ago

I saw that a lot of artists and people I watch made a retrospective of their year, so I guess I'll try one too.

I'd say that this was my most successful year on this website:

First of all, I joined a collab for the first time, which lead to my fan count basically quadrupling. Each new piece seems to be favourited by someone, and I now have three more pieces with five or more votes.

Second of all, I tried PicoCAD and, after two bad drafts, I started posting those pieces online. Working on it feels less stressful, and more about trial and error than anything. It seems like everyone liked those pieces too, as it's the main thing I see getting voted on. I only hope you give my non-PicoCAD pieces that much attention in the future.

Last of all, I got supporter status, which lead to me changing my name. "Articninja165" was a cringey name, and I'm pretty sure it's based off an OC I made, or vice versa. "UnculturedMutt" doesn't seem as cringe in comparison, and I feel like I could make a career with this name. It even has two words smashed together.

I don't know what to say to close this. So, Happy New Year, and I hope I don't get burnt out near the start of the next year again.

Edit: It happened again. Not due to burnout, but school. I'll probably be able post a piece for pixel day, but that'll be it for January


Posted by UnculturedMutt - December 24th, 2021

Thanks to @anymany for giving me supporter status. Now, I can finally change my name to something less cringe.

For anyone who doesn't know, I created my username 5 years ago, back when I was completely obsessed with ninjas. I even tried making ninja OCs and world building for a potential manga they'd be set in.

I wasn't as obsessed with it years later, so I wanted to change it to something else, especially since I misspelled "Arctic" in my name(ArticNinja165). At one point, I wanted it to be something to do with Falinks, as I loved the pokemon, as well as the picture @dewdneym made, that I used as my profile picture.

Now, I'm thinking of changing my name to something else; probably more basic in comparison.


Posted by UnculturedMutt - November 1st, 2021

Here it is! My 5th anniversary piece.


Edit: Due to exams, this will be my only piece for the month.

I hope you like it.



Posted by UnculturedMutt - October 29th, 2021

The fifth anniversary of my account is approaching soon. I'll celebrate it the day after, because I'm not a fan of Halloween.

It's not going to be too big, though. It's definitely going to be smaller than the last piece


Posted by UnculturedMutt - October 24th, 2021

I've been really into PICO-CAD lately, so it seems I won't be able to make any more Inktober art for the rest of the month.

It also means that I'll have some art in the reserves for November, which removes the pain of doing this while doing school work


Posted by UnculturedMutt - October 16th, 2021

I've been trying to compose some rips/parodies with Bosca Ceoil, but I've been finding it hard. The UI isn't too overwhelming, though.

I'm also thinking of making some art of GBG games in PICO-CAD.


Posted by UnculturedMutt - October 2nd, 2021

I was thinking of making rips(like Silvagunner) or FNF tracks recently. Unfortunately I made a giant screwup. It's not a grand screwup, in which I accidentally made a new song or I could make some video about it. I just failed to do anything on Audacity, except layer Daddy Dearest and Boyfriend's vocals on top of each other, and find out that Daddy Dearest's vocals are just Boyfriend's at half the Hertz.

So, it looks like my ripping career is over. If I ever want to make a mod, I won't be able to do much without any money or connections.


Posted by UnculturedMutt - October 1st, 2021

I'll probably do the Inktober challenge. I'll be trying something different again, this time using coloured ballpoint pens.

I also explained my opinion on the drama last year, so I don't feel like I need to elaborate further