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I'm so confused about whether this is satire or real.

The animation is substantial! I love the Looney Tunes aesthetic

I recommend you post this video in a post, as the film portal is for animation only

Fireluis09 responds:

Here ya go I changed the video to a actual animated trailer or teaser of some sort

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Update- I've changed my name from @articninja165 to @UnculturedMutt

TL;DR: Too much empty space, focus more on doll, audio cues should change and have more buildup, deaths are delayed.

The main problem, in my opinion, is that all of the information you need(If the doll is looking, the time) is on a small section of the screen, so everything else is just wasted space. Maybe if you showed a flash of green light for go and red light for stop, it would be fine. Or, you could add a large pair of eyes in the centre, opening and closing for stop and go.

Focusing on the large field area doesn't do much if you can't do anything other than move forward. It only shows you how close you are to the goal, which you don't even care about because you're too busy looking at the doll.

My other side notes are that the auditory cue isn't that good. It's a grinding noise that doesn't even differentiate if the doll has started or stopped looking. There is no buildup to the doll turning, so it's less based on recognising when to stop moving and more on the reaction time of the player.

Also, deaths are sometimes delayed, but that seems like a bug.

If you don't see what I mean, cover the right half of your screen, possibly turn off audio and then play.

Miroff responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! The layout of the game is based on the movie. Even the scale is respected. Otherwise, I would quadruple the head size. White space is the first thing I felt during the tests. But nothing can be done. Postponing death after being seen is deliberate. I play with a player - he doesn't know if he did it this time. But in the next version, I will instantly kill the players who will run if the doll is watching.

I like the animatic aesthetic, and I also like that there are custom controls.

However, it seems like button inputs happen one after the other. I've died multiple times attempting to perform a left jump or right jump because I end up walking into an enemy before I jump, despite pressing both buttons at the same time.

It probably won't affect most people, but I'd like it if you allowed multiple button inputs at once. Although I understand not wanting to, as they would require more animations

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I forgot to ask if I could use your music in my art. If you don't want me to, then I'll remove the music from it.

DigitalProdigy responds:

no problem at all! I am glad you like it!!

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You should upscale the image, so that it doesn't look blurry.

WillieCorley responds:

I don't see it blurry outside of the thumbnail and you can see an upscaled version of the pixel art in the description. I wanted to submit it at 100% in size because that was how I wanted it to be judged by people.

This is supposed to be for original artwork. You should post archives somewhere outside of the portal.

Also, upon further inspection, you made a small mistake in your piece

This isn't pixel art.

This is digital art.

Art every month.
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